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Industrial Processes Automation


Our main customers are the chemical, food, beverage, pharmaceutical and automotive industries. Company's engineers has been actively involved in realisation of:

  • beet transport lines (dry and wet)
  • Lime and lime kilns
  • diffusion trough DDS and tower BMA
  • juice purification including mudd press Hoesch, Putsch, PKF, Netzsch
  • Diastar, GP, Putsch filters
  • evaporators
  • thick juice filtration – AMA, Diastar, Sibomat filtration
  • product A, B, C periodic pans
  • continuous process pans B and C, product B vertical pan
  • vertical mixers
  • sugar dryers and coolers
  • sugar silos and packing
  • water, wastewater treatment
  • medical and industrial filters production line
  • automatic pressurized discharge system for cosmetic products
  • part of a car window production line
  • industrial wireless communication system for collecting data from the machines
  • coating machines modifications
  • test and laboratory stands witch Rockwell Automation and ABB components for universities and commercial companies